*New tool announcement* – Visualizer for ConfigMgr

Hi all,

Today I’ve released the first beta release of Visualizer for ConfigMgr aka Visualizer4CM. This is a tool I built out of necessity to visualise the relationships in ConfigMgr. I needed this to make fault finding collection membership issues easier, and also to help with understanding application dependencies.

You can get more info on the Overview page, or get it on the Download page.

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TsGui bugfix update

Hi all,

I’ve just posted a minor update to TsGui. This fixes a bug with option linking. Continue reading

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TsGui 1.0 released!

After a busy couple of months, TsGui 1.0 is finally ready for release.

Version 1.0 adds the feature most commonly requested by TsGui users, the ability to have one option affect the value of another, something I call ‘option linking’. It also adds conditional logic so you can now build If/Else rules for setting values. These two features combine to add significant additional flexibility in what you can do with your config.

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Issues with ADK 1703

The new ADK 1703 has been released and for some reason Microsoft has decided to change some things regarding .Net. According to the MS website:

Install WinPE-HTA to enable limited WPF support

Why MS has decided that WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, the thing that does the UI in TsGui), one of their newer standards, requires HTA, one of their older ones, is beyond me. Argh.

Moral of the story, if you are using ADK 1703, you’ll need to add WinPE-HTA to your WinPE as well as WinPE-NetFX.


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TsGui – bug fix and groupable DropDownList items

Hi all,

There is an update to TsGui on the downloads page. This update addresses a couple of issues with queries that can cause TsGui to crash. Continue reading

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TsGui update – pre-flight checks and image support

Hi all,

I’ve just uploaded a new version of TsGui to the site. This version has a number of updates, most noticeably support for compliance options a.k.a. pre-flight checks, and expanded customisation options e.g. image support, ability to modify the header area like a page (you can add rows/columns/guioptions).

Base config vs example customized config:

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TsGui update

Hi all,

There is a new version of TsGui on the Download page. This version fixes the issue where the TsGui window doesn’t open center screen like it is supposed to in WinPE.

In the process of fixing that issue, I also developed a ‘Live Data’ window that is useful for testing. This displays all GuiOptions and NoUIOptions and their current values. It also displays some basic info like screen resolution and window location. You can enable this using the LiveData attribute for use in testing mode, or using the Debug attribute if you also want it to display during a running task sequence. See the Config_Examples.xml for details.



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