Hi all,

I have uploaded TsGui to the downloads page. This update brings a few new features:

  • Validation rules allow you to enforce what is entered into FreeText/ComputerName options. This is useful for making sure naming standards are adhered to.
  • New formatting options to allow additional design and layout choices, such as the layout below.
  • -config command line option to specify a different config file.


A how-to video for validation rules has been uploaded and another on formatting is coming soon to help you get up and running with the new features.

Please note that if you use the ServiceUI template, you need to add %* to the end of the main line in the script to support the new command line option, i.e.

“%FILECALLPATH%%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\ServiceUI.exe” -process:tsprogressui.exe “%FILECALLPATH%TsGui.exe” %*