After a busy couple of months, TsGui 1.0 is finally ready for release.

Version 1.0 adds the feature most commonly requested by TsGui users, the ability to have one option affect the value of another, something I call ‘option linking’. It also adds conditional logic so you can now build If/Else rules for setting values. These two features combine to add significant additional flexibility in what you can do with your config.

I’ll be updating the how-to videos over the coming weeks to cover the new features, as well as revisit some things that have changed since the original videos were released. If you can’t figure out your desired config from the examples, send me a message via the contact form.

*Update – Option Linking and Conditional Logic video now available here

Please be sure to check the release notes as there are some important points, especially if you are upgrading from an older version, or using the new ADK 1703. As usual, any issues, queries, bug reports, or general feedback, please get in touch.

I’d also like to say thanks for all the encouragement, feedback, bug reports, and all-round positive response since I first put TsGui out into the world. Its made all the work on this little project worthwhile  🙂