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*UPDATE – if you downloaded the version, please grab There was a bug introduced by enabling the ‘hit enter to finish’ functionality. Specifically, it also enabled ALT+Left/Right to move between pages, but this wasn’t accounted for in the rest of the code and caused exceptions and strange behaviour if used. This update fixes the bug, while still retaining the ALT+Left/Right functionality. See here if you’re interested in the code.

There have been a couple of updates to TsGui in the last week or so. The last one has a small but significant update to how TsGui behaves, specifically it now automatically selects the first active GuiOption on a page so you don’t have to click or tab to the control. Hitting Enter will now also click the Next/Finish button. This should make going through the UI quicker for the end user.

Important: I have had many queries regarding TsGui not launching in WinPE. Please read the release notes and look at the articles under ‘Known issues’. Basically MS has broken WPF in the 1809 ADK (on purpose) and this requires a fix/workaround. It looks like MS has fixed this in 1903 which is great news.

As usual, any issues or queries please get in touch.




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