Hi all,

I have just uploaded version to the site. This release includes some notable changes. Under the hood there has actually been quite a bit of restructuring, but the existing feature set functions the same.

The main change is the inclusion of some new beta features. The main one that needs some explaining is the Active Directory authentication and query functionality. This is very experimental because it requires parts of the .Net framework that are not in WinPE. You will need to re-add (hack) these back into WinPE for this to work.

I have actually been sitting on this code for quite a while, but because of the hacky parts above have been hesitant to release it. I need to move on with the code base and maintaining two branches is problematic, so have decided to release it and if people want to have a play they can. The non-beta parts should be as stable as they’ve always been.


As usual, any queries or issues please get in touch.




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