Hi all,

*Update 13 May 2021: There were a couple of bugs in the release. If you got this, please grab or newer. also includes options to separate your config into multiple files.

I have just uploaded TsGui to the site. This release includes:

  • You can now output to registry rather than to ConfigMgr variables
  • You can now query registry
  • Updates to Option Linking to support circular links i.e. two options that both have configuration to react to each other, and dynamically updating nested links e.g. OptionValue queries inside an IfElse
  • Setting PurgeInactive setting globally so you can set the default for all GuiOptions in the config
  • Added a <Container> element so you can set common configuration across a group of GuiOption elements e.g. grouping and formatting
  • More documentation (still very much a work in progress though)

This version also has a bunch of work and new code in relation to the layout of the UI. You should not notice any difference on your existing configs but the new code will help in some edge cases and make configuration more flexible in future.

As usual, any issues or queries please get in touch.