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v0.1.2.1 upload error

Hi all, Somehow I managed to upload instead of This has now been corrected. Please grab again if you have downloaded it previously (prior to 28 August). Cheers, Mike

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Update to Visualizer

Hi all, I’ve been slowly plodding away at Visualizer. Updates are generally quicker and easier than for TsGui, so little updates will be coming out reasonably regularly, time allowing. I’ve just uploaded, which adds some new options to the … Continue reading

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*New tool announcement* – Visualizer for ConfigMgr

Hi all, Today I’ve released the first beta release of Visualizer for ConfigMgr aka Visualizer4CM. This is a tool I built out of necessity to visualise the relationships in ConfigMgr. I needed this to make fault finding collection membership issues … Continue reading

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TsGui bugfix update

Hi all, I’ve just posted a minor update to TsGui. This fixes a bug with option linking.

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TsGui 1.0 released!

After a busy couple of months, TsGui 1.0 is finally ready for release. Version 1.0 adds the feature most commonly requested by TsGui users, the ability to have one option affect the value of another, something I callĀ ‘option linking’. It … Continue reading

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Issues with ADK 1703

The new ADK 1703 has been releasedĀ and for some reason Microsoft has decided to change some things regarding .Net. According to the MS website: Install WinPE-HTA to enable limited WPF support Why MS has decided that WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, … Continue reading

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TsGui – bug fix and groupable DropDownList items

Hi all, There is an update to TsGui on the downloads page. This update addresses a couple of issues with queries that can cause TsGui to crash.

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