Introducing Birdsnest Explorer, a discovery tool designed to make understanding your environment a less time consuming task.

Birdsnest Explorer scans systems in your environment such as Active Directory and network file shares, and then connects all that data together so that you can search, discover, and make sense of what you have.

Explore with Visualizer

Use the Visualizer to display, traverse, and explore your data.

Simple search mode allows you to start with a single data point and explore from there, or use the visual-style advanced search mode to find a specific pathway through your interconnected data.

Add your business data

The builtin plugin system allows you to import and visualize your own business data. You can then search for connections just like you do with data gathered by the provided scanners.


Quickly discover problems within your environment using the builtin reports. Find Active Directory group loops, orphaned file permissions, disabled inheritance, and more.

Export to CSV file

Open in the Visualizer

Add your own custom reports

Designed for reduced workload

Birdsnest Explorer has been specifically designed to reduce the workload of IT staff. This includes the overhead of implementing Birdsnest Explorer. Special attention has been given to the install process, security concerns, and business concerns.

For more details, see the Birdsnest Explorer FAQ

Get Birdsnest Explorer

Official install
  • Signed binaries compatible with Microsoft SmartScreen
  • 20Road Managed Installer for simple deployment
  • Includes 1 year of email support and updates
  • 30 day money back guarantee

$899 USD

Manual install
  • Official build with unsigned binaries
  • Manual install from documentation
  • Community support


Have more questions? View the FAQ or Get in touch

Have more questions? View the FAQ or Get in touch