TsGui minor update

Hi all, Things have been a bit quiet with TsGui of late. This is because I’m working on a new project which I will hopefully be able to announce in the next few months. In the meantime, there is an issue when running TsGui in WinPE where it will throw Read more…

TsGui update

Hi all, I’ve just uploaded a new version of TsGui to the site. This version fixes an exception caused by WMI returning null objects to a Drop Down List. Also, Hardware Evaluation now collections IP information. TsGui creates the following variables: TsGui_IPv4 TsGui_IPv6 TsGui_DefaultGateway4 TsGui_DefaultGateway6 TsGui_DHCPServer *Update 28 Nov I missed Read more…

TsGui 1.0 released!

After a busy couple of months, TsGui 1.0 is finally ready for release.

Version 1.0 adds the feature most commonly requested by TsGui users, the ability to have one option affect the value of another, something I call ‘option linking’. It also adds conditional logic so you can now build If/Else rules for setting values. These two features combine to add significant additional flexibility in what you can do with your config.


Issues with ADK 1703

The new ADK 1703 has been released and for some reason Microsoft has decided to change some things regarding .Net. According to the MS website: Install WinPE-HTA to enable limited WPF support Why MS has decided that WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, the thing that does the UI in TsGui), one of Read more…