With cloud products like Endpoint Manager (Intune), Microsoft Update for Business, Office 365, Teams, and Defender, Microsoft is releasing a lot of amazing capability into many organisations. However moving to a cloud/SaaS model on the desktop can result in a loss of control for internal IT teams. Microsoft effectively becomes a service provider for the orgnanisation that dictates the change schedule for many core services such as Windows and Office.

The culture change required to succeed with these new products is not trivial. You can no longer wait until the organisation is ‘ready’ for the latest version of Office. Microsoft isn’t going to wait if IT can’t keep up.

20Road doesn’t do bullshit. Windows as a Service, Azure, and Endpoint Manager etc are great in many ways, but also can involve a lot of work and some risk.

Get past the hype and marketing, and learn how this will affect your organisation.

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