TsGui Download Fix

Hi all, I’ve been doing some work getting the website ready for the BirdsNest release. While working on that last night I managed to break the TsGui download page. It may have asked for an email address or not worked at all. This has now been fixed, and is back Read more…

TsGui release

Hi all, I have just uploaded version to the site. This release includes some notable changes. Under the hood there has actually been quite a bit of restructuring, but the existing feature set functions the same. The main change is the inclusion of some new beta features. The main Read more…

TsGui updates

Hi all, *UPDATE – if you downloaded the version, please grab There was a bug introduced by enabling the ‘hit enter to finish’ functionality. Specifically, it also enabled ALT+Left/Right to move between pages, but this wasn’t accounted for in the rest of the code and caused exceptions and Read more…

TsGui update

Hi all,

I have uploaded TsGui to the downloads page. This update brings a few new features:

  • Validation rules allow you to enforce what is entered into FreeText/ComputerName options. This is useful for making sure naming standards are adhered to.
  • New formatting options to allow additional design and layout choices, such as the layout below.
  • -config command line option to specify a different config file.